State of the Art NMR infrastucture

The NMR infrastucture

Since May 2013, the University of Patras and the Pharmacy Department possess a State-of-the-Art 700 MHz NMR machine with an ultra-sensitive cryoprobe. This NMR machine is practically unique not only on a National Academic level, but even in the whole of South-eastern European region, and can be accessed by both Research groups and individual users. The possible applications available are vast and include the analysis of various substances of high biological significance (natural products, metabolites, pharmaceutical substances, and even macromolecules such as proteins, nucleic acids and their complexes). The potential of the NMR spectroscopy to acquire information from both the structural and the dynamic properties of a (macro-)molecule, as well as their interaction with other molecules, is indeed priceless and can be exploited in various fields, including Structural Biology, Analytical (Bio)Chemistry and more generally, in all the various branches of Life Sciences, providing opportunities for co-operation with different Academic and Research units, both locally and internationally (Italy, France, Germany etc).

Prof. G. Spyroulias, Dept. of Pharmacy