External evaluation: mission completed

External evaluation committee members at the Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering

In February 2014 the external evaluation of all 24 departments of the University of Patras was completed. Over 100 distinguished Academics, mostly from the United States (around 42%), participated in the committees that were invited by ADIP (Hellenic Quality and Accreditation Agency) that supervises the process of Evaluation of the Greek Universities. The evaluation results of most departments were very positive. Evaluators stressed the high qualifications of most of the Faculty Members as well as the high level of research. They also commended the Academics on the teaching excellence that was found in many programs of study. However, they also observed that the students-to-faculty ratio is in some cases unacceptably high and that the amount of courses required for graduation are often excessive. They also made recommendations to the State Agencies funding Higher Education in Greece to increase the resources (financial and personnel). These recommendations are a strong weapon in an attempt of the University of Patras to ask for more funding and to stop the mobility program that has led to a serious reduction of the Administrative Staff. In times of crisis spending for Education is an investment for the future. Following the completion of the external evaluation, the Academic Units of the University of Patras will move on towards the phase of Accreditation of the Study Programs. On May 12, there was a workshop on the subject where Professor Pantelis Kyprianos, President of the Quality Assurance Committee (MODIP) of our University, stressed the importance of this process for the future of our Graduates. Members of the Quality and Accreditation Agency discussed the Accreditation Process with Faculty Members of the University which is expected to begin in the following months