Nowadays, we are getting through a period which is characterized by conditions of big complexity and rapid changes. In this framework, the existence of supporting processes that- with systematic and organized way-will facilitate the individuals, to practice themselves in the process of decision-making, becomes obvious and necessary. Furthermore, it is important for them to achieve the biggest possible result of adaptation in their continuous passages.

The information, as an essential outfit for the growth and the development of the systems, because of its size and way of diffusion, often becomes obstacle and disorientates the recipients that are unable to absorb and process the discernible elements. The support, the responsible diffusion and information management, in the field of education, labor market and employment, determine an imperative need for the individuals who wish and need help, to facilitate their educational and professional choices and collect the information with systematic and organized way.

According to the above mentioned reflection, the establishment of Career Counseling - Career Advisory and Information Office at University of Patras is supported in an important degree.

The Systemic theory, the Deconstruction and (radical) Constructivism that constitute today some of the sovereign theoretical models, in the field of philosophy, sociology and psychology, also constitute the theoretical base for the model of Career Counseling application at the University of Patras.

Our effort towards this model of Career Counseling is focused on:

  • the operation of counseling advisory process as a mean of personal activation and development of educational and professional drawing, in a creative way which allows the change or even the redefinition of the client?s external and internal reality,

  • the optimization of relations between the client and his environment,

  • personal activation for career planning, aiming at the reduction of disarray and also at individuals facilitation for self regulation and personal growth.

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