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Students Dance Group

The Dance Group of the Students Cultural Groups was established in the beginning of the 80?s. The course of the Dance Group through these years is considered successful aiming in the promotion of the folk dances, songs, and music. In the past the Dance Groups engaged in modern dance scene with great success.

The aim of the Dance Group is to teach folk dances of the different regions in Greece to its members and through this action to promote the different customs of the distant regions of Greece like Crete, Karpathos, Romylia, Corfu, Pontos, Kappadokia. The aim of the Dance Group is also the quest of the cultural identity of Greek people and the annexation of it in the modern way of life, and the expression though the dance.

Besides these, the most important goal of the Dance Group is the cultivation of co-operative spirit among its member. The Dance Group also enhances the quest of the traditions and roots of the its members native towns in a sense where that interest remain after the graduation of the students.

Dance Group's activities consist of many performances of traditional dances, songs, using the premises of the University of Patras. Many performances take places on other cities in Greece and in Patras too. The members of the dance Group attend dance conferences and seminars all over Greece

Since 2004 The Dance Group of the University of Patras has added the divisions of Argentinean Tango and Latin Dances.

Meetings of the Dance Group take place in the "Steki of P.O.F.P.P." in 122 Ypsilantou Street.

  • Division of Folk Dances
    • Beginners: Tuesday and Thursday 20:00 - 21:30
    • Advanced: Tuesday and Thursday 21:30 - 23:00
  • Division of Argentinean Tango
    • Monday 18:30 ? 20:30 Wednesday 21:30 - 23:00
  • Division of Latin Dances
    • Saturday 16:00 - 18:00

E-mail : dancepof AT upatras.gr

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