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Students Cultural Groups

Students Cultural Groups

The students of the University of Patras have the opportunity to express themselves culturally since 1981.

In Students Cultural Groups of the University of Patras every student has the opportunity to attend many different classes concerning the cultural areas of: Dance, Drama, Plastic Arts, Photography, Music, Cinema, Literacy and Radio. The students have the opportunity to participate in displays, demonstrations and shows of cultural content that take place all over Greece. The Cultural Groups operate a dark room, a music studio, a theatre and dance stage, a projection room, arts studio and a meeting room.

Cultural Groups begin their activity with the beginning of the academic year. The Groups operate based on the spirit of collaboration, co-operation and free exchange of cultural views.

Our Past...

We, the students of the University of Patras began activated the Cultural Groups in 1981. The Cultural Groups were created in order to meet the demand to express ourselves culturally especially in the areas of dance Music, Photography, Drama. In the beginning the funding came from the remains of the Universitys? annual budget. The meetings were taking place in the amphitheatre of the University Branch in Korinthou street. For 7 years this amphitheatre became the main place for the groups? meetings rehearsals, and realization of the different shows that happened though the years.

Since 1988 Topali Foundation assists economically but mostly morally the Cultural Groups. In 1990 ?Cultural Groups of the University of Patras? was created. The group includes, dance, drama, music, and photography divisions. Under the rectorship of Mr Lykoyrgiotis it was the only time where the Cultural Group was funded by the University of Patras. At that time the University was paying the rent for the ?Steki of P.O.P.P? in Lahana street. After that any funding coming from the University was interrupted.

In 1996 the Cultural Groups changed its name to ?Cultural Groups of the Students of the University of Patras? in order to avoid any confusion with other cultural carriers of the University of Patras. In that respect the adding of the word ?Students? distinguished the Cultural Group of the Students from that of the employees of the University likewise the employees drama and the dance groups.

The second ?Steki of P.O.F.P.P.? is a neoclassical building in the town centre in 76A Karaiskai street. Any expenses were burden to ?Topali Foundation?. For the time the group created the Cultural Development Committee and through the institution of ?Cultural Week?, the group copes with its funding necessities


Since the academic year 2003- 2004, Students Cultural Groups have a new meeting place ?Steki? in 122 Al. Ypsilantou street in the town centre. This building includes, dance room, dark room, music studio, arts studio, projection room, and a meeting room. The Groups now have the following divisions:

  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Plastic Arts
  • Photography
  • Music
  • Cinema
  • Literacy
  • Radio

Email: pofpp AT upatras.gr

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