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Department of Engineering Sciences

  • Chairperson: Efstathios Perdios, Professor
  • Vice Chairperson:Konstadinos Sfetsos, Professor
  • Secretary: Konstantina Karali
  • Contact information Department of University of Patras, 265 00, Patras Tel: +30 2610 996865, 996866 Fax: +30 2610 996260 email: grammateia AT des.upatras.gr
  • WWW site: http://www.des.upatras.gr/
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The Department of Engineering Sciences was created to provide instruction and teaching in certain topics of Mathematics and Physical Sciences, required by more than one Engineering Department. As such it does not offer a first degree (Diploma), but it does offer Ph.D degrees.

The research activities of the Department cover the following topics: Applied and Cοmputational Mathematics; Theoretical Technical and Computational Mechanics; Dynamical Systems; Computational Fluid Mechanics; Numerical Analysis; Applied Statistics; Theoretical Physics; Materials Science; Super Conductivity; Nanoparticles and Colloids.

The teaching and research activities of the Department are aided by extensive computing facilities and laboratories of Physics and Materials.

Programs of Studies

The department offers the following program of studies:

  • Post-graduate Programs of Studies in «Applied Mathematical and Natural Sciences» (Ph.D.)

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