One of the main objectives of the University of Patras is the creation of knowledge through the promotion of the scientific research. University?s research activity is supported by its workforce (faculty members, postgraduate and undergraduate students, postdoc researchers etc.) and the state of the art infrastructure (laboratories, clinics, computers, experimental scientific instruments etc.) and represents the major factor for the improvement of Education and Learning.

The University of Patras demonstrates a remarkable research activity and a reputation for quality and innovative research. Its faculty members are very active in publishing their research results and groundbreaking achievements in international scientific journals of the highest quality. This research publication record serves as a key criterion considered for granting tenure and promotion. In particular for the period 2002 ? 2005 University of Patras research presents a ratio of 1,028 publications per faculty member per year. This ratio is considerably higher than the national ratio which has an average of 0,587 publications per faculty member per year. The ration of 1,028 is higher even from the previous years measurements in the same field that was 0,731 for the period 1998 ? 2001 and 0,66 for the period 1990 ? 1997.

Based on these measurements for the year 2005 the University of Patras holds the third place in absolute number of publications among the Geek Universities, but with significantly lower number of faculty members than the leading Universities. Furthermore the University of Patras holds fourth place among Greek universities regarding the publications per faculty member per year.

Major role in the support of the research work derives from the scientific projects. These projects are conduced by faculty members and researchers in order to promote specific fields in science. In this part the University of Patras demonstrates a boom of scientific programs and administration of funds that is clearly stated by the following diagram. Nowadays the scientific programs are the major funding resource for more than 3000 research personnel. The management of research projects is carried out by the Research Committee and its administration unit. The financial management of research projects with external funding produces resources for the University, which are used for specific educational and developmental activities, as well as funding of young researchers.

The University of Patras participates in all major European and National Scientific Programs. Finally the university receives funding from the State, the private sector or the European Union for the development and promotion of the scientific research.

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