The University of Patras offers an exciting and dynamic learning and research environment that provides its students with high level programs of studies.

The University consists of four Schools, one more is under establishment, with twenty-two Departments.

Each Department corresponds to a University discipline area and is the basic academic unit whose study program leads to a specific degree. Departments covering relative discipline areas constitute a School, which has mainly coordinating authority. The Departments are divided into Divisions corresponding to smaller and distinct parts of the major scientific discipline of the Department. Within each Division there are specific Laboratories and Clinics, which operate under specific internal rules and procedures.

The University of Patras provides its students with a vast variety of courses through the twenty-one (21) Undergraduate Programs of Studies that lead in a Bachelor degree with 4 years of studies (6 years for the Faculty of Medicine) or in a Diploma degree with 5 years of studies.

Furthermore the University of Patras offers thirty-four(34) Programs of Postgraduate Studies. Nine (9) of these programs are interdepartmental and two (2) of them are inter-university operating in collaboration with other well-known universities in Greece and abroad. The postgraduate programs of the University of Patras lead to M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees.

A great support in the educational and research work of the University of Patras is provided by the Central Library and Information Service (LIS), as well as by several other departmental libraries.

Additionally, the University of Patras operates the following Educational Centers:

  • Primary Teachers' In-service Training College (Didaskaleio)
  • Foreign Language Teaching Unit
  • Intercultural Education Centre
  • Center of Vocational Training

Finally it is worth-mentioned that the University of Patras has effectively supported its instructive operations by the widespread use of Information and Communication Technologies. Modern educational approaches by means of multimedia systems, educational software and e-learning platforms are used along with conventional instruction methods. Furthermore, the University of Patras is connected to the Internet via a high-speed gigabit network and provides its academic community with a considerable of electronic services that diminish any time or geographic constrain in education and learning.

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