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In the area of culture, the University is a key player and has always considered cultural development as part of its mission.

Apart from providing a stable scientific backing and expertise in many aspects of our civilisation engaging in scholarly research such as study of the history, tradition and cultural heritage, the University has undertaken many initiatives in cultural development and provides the forum for a constant stream of talks, quality lectures and speeches. Approximately every week there is a lecture by some faculty member on a topic of his/her expertise presented properly for a general audience.

The University, especially in recent years, has made significant efforts to come closer to the citizens of the region in every aspect and has held special Conferences on the Cultural Heritage of the city of Patras, the Ionian Islands etc.

The University, in co-operation with the Municipality of Ancient Olympia established the Intercultural and Interscientific Center of Olympia and within its framework summer schools, year-round seminars, the World Congress on Ancient Greece and the Modern World, as well as quality cultural activities are organised.

Another significant aspect of University cultural policy amounts to the recent development of extramural activities with appropriate instruction and training, through a special programme open to any interested citizen. Thus, there have been courses in sculpture, photography, painting, dance, scuba diving, sailing, furniture renovation, cooking, wine tasting, aircraft modeling, astronomy etc. Other multiple events also take place, including lectures, seminars and workshops on topics of general interest and every aspect of art.

The University Choir and the University Orchestra perform and participate in national and international events and competitions.

There are also many special clubs for different leisure interests and hobbies including theatre, photography, dance and music.

The Patras University Press publishes scholarly oriented books.

The University, in order to properly develop its cultural programme and its long-term interactions with the wider community, established the Committee for Cultural Development. It has provided quality cultural events and in its effort it has had some continual support from the Topali Foundation which has as its objective the enhancement of cultural life for students of the University.

The University of Patras strives to maintain and enhance its significant economic and cultural contributions to the City and the Region by playing a co-ordinating role in several developmental and social activities.

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