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«One person's voice might seem as a whisper lost in the noise of everyday routine, the voices of many however can be heard out loud in tune. DIAPASON is the instrument that gives the correct frequency so that one can find his/her own eigen frequency and tune in to the happiness, the pulse of his/her heart and his/her conscience!»


Diapason is a voluntary team consisting mainly of students of all levels (undergraduates and postgraduates), the Rector Professor Stavros Koubias, several professors of the University’s faculty and the psychologist - counselor of our University.

All the students of this network went through an advisory process under the auspices of the University, when we were confronted with various difficulties that hindered our academic course. Understanding that through conditions of respect, acceptance and active hearing, as well as through sharing our personal stories, the fears and difficulties give their place to development and progress, we thought that we should turn our experience to advantage by offering what we have learned and experienced to our fellow students that also face probably equivalent difficulties and problems.

On the other hand, our belief is that an academic citizen is not the one who has only obtained a degree, but the one who is sensitised on what goes on in the world around him/her. Furthermore, we strongly believe that academic citizen is the one who does not remain a passive spectator, within a wider field of a collective misery and inertness, but somebody who takes action and prompts others to act as well too, in order to change anything that offends their dignity.

In the line of the above thoughts, was this specific team, which is in action since January 2008, formed.

The team Diapason relies on:

  • volunteerism,
  • self activation,
  • the need for collective effort,
  • the accordance of the scientific and the social responsibility,
  • finding, co-constructing and discovering ways of being “alert”, creative and happy in privative environments as well as in situations characterized by routine, alienation and lassitude,
  • the need for invigoration and activation of our academic profile so that we can dynamically answer and actively oppose to the distorting factors characterizing the social and professional reality.

Diapason’s activities until now can be summarized as follows:

  • the instruction of the team members on the advisory processes and operations,
  • the provision of advisory support to colleagues/ fellow students who are confronted with difficulties with regard to their academic and professional progress
  • the organisation of activities of social and cultural character with regard to the multilateral development and activation of the members of the academic community.

The academic year 2007-2008 was the foundation year of the team Diapason. The activities of the team came to a peak on June 4th 2008. At that time Diapason organised a celebratory event in order to honour and promote collective activation. This effort led to the creation of a spiral which consists of networks and organisations taking action in the area of Patras and in the University of Patras. One important course of action for this academic year is also the activation, the tightening and the growth of this spiral.

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