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Museum of Education

The Museum of Education constitutes a unit of the Laboratory of Historical Records of Modern Greek and International Education of the Department of Primary Education. The laboratory was founded in 1996. The operation of museum started in 2007 and it aims at:

  • Concentration, rescue, classification and exhibition of historical educational evidences,
  • Sensitization of the teachers and the wider educational community in related subjects,
  • Rescue of cultural heritage in the field of education
  • Study and research of the history of education in undergraduate and postgraduate level as well as at the study of education in national and international level and
  • Training of the graduates coming from both Higher Education Institutions and Technical Institutions, in subjects related to:
    • museum education and
    • recording and maintenance of archival material that exists in the schools of the local area.

In the museum, are exposed historical educational evidences that were concentrated from the local area schools as much as from other regions of Greece. In this material are included, inter alia, photographs from the school life, school books, pupil indexes, maps, objects from the school environment, desks, visual aids, teaching school titles, exercise books, flags etc. Furthermore, printed material is preserved concerning educational reforms from the 19th century up to today.

The museum is accommodated at the building of Central Library , on the 3nd floor of the North part of the building.

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