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ΕUCEET Patras Conference: New Trends and Challenges in Civil Engineering Education

24.11.2011 - 25.11.2011, Συνεδριακό και Πολιτιστικό Κέντρο Πανεπιστημίου Πατρών

Conference themes

Under the general title: “New trends and challenges in civil engineering education”, the Conference will be organized around three themes, for which 15 sub-themes/topics are proposed as follows:

  • Implementing the Curriculum: Types and trends in curriculum development and implementation
  • Implementation of the Bologna process-experiences with the two-tier system in civil engineering education in Europe
  • Development of programmes with different orientations to cope with the needs of the profession
  • Sustainability and civil engineering curricula
  • The role of the civil engineer in mitigating natural hazards
  • PhD Doctoral Schools in Civil Engineering
  • Improving the Curriculum: Best practice in teaching, learning and assessment
  • Developing teaching techniques
  • Open access learning, e-learning, open courseware
  • Engineering education research and civil engineering instruction
  • Assessing learning outcomes
  • Quality assessment in civil engineering education
  • Extending the Curriculum: Lifelong Learning, industry partnerships and international cooperation
  • Lifelong learning in civil engineering
  • University - industry partnership to enhance the role of the Civil Engineer in the knowledge economy
  • Experiences in double diploma agreements
  • Joint degrees at various levels
  • A challenge for the civil engineering education in Europe: partnership with, expectations and needs from Chinese, Brazilian, Russian and Vietnamese Universities
  • Contributions covering other aspects of relevance to civil engineering education will be also taken into consideration

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