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3rd International Conference on Intelligent Decision Technologies

20.07.2011 - 22.07.2011, Πανεπιστήμιο Πειραιά



at 3rd International Conference on Intelligent Decision Technologies University of Piraeus, Greece, 20-22 July 2011


This special session is intended to become a forum for exchanging experience and ideas among researchers and practitioners who are dealing with combining intelligent methods in order to enhance decision making. The combination of different intelligent methods is a very active research area in Artificial Intelligence (AI). The aim is to create integrated or hybrid methods that benefit from each of their components. It is generally believed that complex decision making problems can be easier solved with such integrated or hybrid methods. Different types of integrated approaches have been developed. Several of the existing methods combine what are called soft computing methods (e.g. fuzzy logic, neural networks and genetic algorithms) either among themselves or with more traditional AI technologies such as logic and rules. Another stream of efforts integrates case-based reasoning and machine learning with soft computing and traditional AI methods. Yet another integrates agent-based approaches with logic and also non-symbolic approaches. Some of the combinations have been extensively used like neuro-symbolic methods combining neural networks with symbolic methods, neuro-fuzzy methods combining neural networks and fuzzy methods, and methods combining rule-based and case-based reasoning. Integrated or hybrid methods have enhanced decision making in many areas such as medicine, biology and bioinformatics, e-learning, finance, legal reasoning, crisis management, failure analysis, industry, data networks, evaluation, prediction and several others.

Topics of interest in the context of improving some aspect of decision making include (but are not limited to) the following: Neuro-Symbolic Approaches/Systems Neuro-Fuzzy Approaches/Systems Case-Based Reasoning Integrations Genetic Algorithms Integrations Fuzzy-Evolutionary Systems Hybrid Knowledge Representation Approaches/Systems Integrations of Neural Networks Intelligent Agents Integrations Hybrid and Distributed Ontologies Combinations and Web Intelligence Combinations and Web Mining

Applications of integrated or hybrid methods to support decision making in areas such as the following:

e-Commerce e-Business e-Learning Medicine & Health Care Bioinformatics and Biology Legal Reasoning Data Networks Finance Robotics Crisis Management Modelling and Prediction Industry Military applications

Important Dates Submission of Papers: 15 February 2011 Notification of Acceptance: 20 March 2011 Upload of Final Publication Files: 1 April 2011


Grigorios Beligiannis, University of Western Greece, Greece

George Dounias, University of the Aegean, Greece

Ioannis Hatzilygeroudis, Uvinersity of Patras, Greece

Tzung-Pei Hong, National Univeristy of Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Voula Georgopoulos, Technological Educational Institute of Patras, Greece

Constaninos Koutsojannis, Technological Educational Institute of Patras, Greece

George Magoulas, Birkbeck College, University of London, UK

Toni Moreno, University Rovira i Virgili, Spain

Basileios Tampakas, Technological Educational Institute of Patras, Greece

Vasile Palade, Computing Laboratory, Oxford University, UK

Jim Prentzas, Democritus University Of Thrace, Greece

David Sanchez, University Rovira i Virgili, Spain

Douglas Vieira, University of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Zaharakis Ioannis, Technological Educational Institute of Patras, Greece

Email & Contact Details:

Constantinos Koutsojannis

Assistant Professor

Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Patras

Department of Physiotherapy


Phone: +30-2691062850

Fax: +30-2691022058

Email: ckoutsog@teipat.gr

Jim Prentzas

Assistant Professor

Democritus University,

Department of Education Sciences in Pre-School Age


Phone: +30-25510-30086

Email: dprentza@psed.duth.gr

Ioannis Hatzilygeroudis

Assistant Professor

University of Patras,

Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics


Phone: +30-2610-960374

Fax: +30-2610-960321

Email: ihatz@ceid.upatras.gr

SESSION Website: http://www.intelhealthphysicslab.gr/

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