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Ομιλια Prof. George Christou (Florida, USA)

  • Στοιχεία επικοινωνίαςΠρόεδρος Τμ. Χημείαςemail:chemdept AT upatras.gr

09.02.2011, Αίθουσα Σεμιναρίων Τμήματος Χημείας


Ομιλητής: George Christou, Drago Professor of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida 32611, USA

Ημερομηνία / Ώρα:   Τετάρτη, 9 Φεβρουαρίου 2011 / 12.00

Αίθουσα: Σεμιναρίων Τμήματος Χημείας

Τίτλος: “Modifying Structure and Spin in Manganese and Iron Cluster Chemistry: Relevance to High-Spin Molecules, Single-Molecule Magnets, and Bioinorganic Chemistry”


 There are several areas in which polynuclear clusters of 3d metals such as manganese and iron are of great relevance, and examples include (i) single-molecule magnetism, the ability of individual molecules to function as nanoscale magnets; (ii) the search for synthetic models of metallo-sites in biology, such as the photosynthetic oxygen-evolving complex (OEC), also known as the water-oxidizing complex (WOC), in plants and cyanobacteria, which represents the source of essentially all the O2gas in this planet’s atmosphere; and (iii) the fundamental desire to understand how the precise molecular structure of metal clusters leads to the often unusual number of unpaired electrons (i.e. high spin value, S) possessed by Mn xand Fexcompounds.

My group has had a strong interest in all the above fields for many years and as our work has progressed we have sought to develop methods to modify compounds in desirable ways, in order to change their structures, their magnetic properties, their S value, or their precise metal composition. Such methods would allow progress in all three of the areas (i)-(iii) above. This talk will describe some progress over the last few years along these lines.

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