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Lecture of Prof. Seiji Fujino

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10.11.2010, Dep. of of Computer Engineering and Informatics

LECTURE by Prof. Seiji Fujino

Research Institute for Information Technology Kyushu University, JAPAN

Place: Π200, Προκατασκευασμένα ΗΥ (κάτω απο το γυμναστήριο)

Date: 10/11/2010 ; Time: 12:00

Title: "Performance estimation of IDR(s)-based SOR and Jacobi methods with easy parallelism"


A rich variety of iterative methods based on IDR (Induced Dimension Reduction) Theorem have been proposed, and their excellent convergence attracts attention. We construct an accelerated variant of IDR(s) method using the iteration matrix of the SOR (Successive Over-Relaxation) and Jacobi methods with easy parallel computation.

In my talk, we propose IDR(s)-based SOR and Jacobi methods. A number of numerical experiments verify efficiency and robustness of convergence of the IDR(s)-based SOR and Jacobi methods compared with several conventional iterative methods on parallel computers.

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