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International Philosophy Olympiad 2010, Greece

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21.05.2010 - 23.05.2010, ATExcelixi Training and Conference Center

International Philosophy Olympiad 2010, Greece

(Organized under the auspices of the International Federation

of Philosophical Societies and UNESCO)

The International Philosophy Olympiad (IPO) is an international competition for high-school pupils of philosophy. The first International Philosophy Olympiad took place in 1993, by an initiative of the Department of Philosophy of Sofia University to invite a group of philosophers from various countries.

Since 2001 the International Philosophy Olympiad has  been organized every year during the month of May, under the auspices of FISP (International Federation of Philosophical Societies) and with the recognition and support of  UNESCO, and it is open to pupils from all over the world.

Each country can participate with up to two pupils, with the exception of the host country, which may participate with a maximum of 10 pupils. The pupils’ selection is based on competitions organized at the national level.

The objectives of the IPO are, among others, to promote philosophical education at the secondary school level and increase the interest of high school pupils in philosophy; to promote philosophical reflection on science, art, and social life; and, by encouraging intellectual exchanges and securing opportunities for personal connections between young people from different countries, to promote the culture of peace.

The host country is responsible for the establishment of a National Organizing Committee (NOC) which oversees the annual IPO . The NOC is responsible for the planning, organizing and financing of the IPO as well as ensuring that all information flows accurately from the NOC to the International Committee.

During the past two decades Tokyo, Philadelphia, Buenos Aires, Seoul, Helsinki and other cities have all hosted the Olympiad. Greece has the honor of hosting the International Philosophy Olympiad for 2010.

Harvard’s Center for Hellenic Studies in Greece and the University of Patras will co-organize the Olympiad in Athens (21-23 May, 2010). The Olympiad is organized under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Education with the support of Douka Schools and it is sponsored by the Greek National Tourism Organization (Ministry of Culture and Tourism).

For more information please visit www.philosophy-olympiad.org and  http://www.fisp.org/olympiad.html


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