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Consciousness and its measures

  • Contact informationProf. Andreas Ioannides & Prof. Fofi Constantinidouemail: neuromath2009 AT humanbraindynamics.com
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29.11.2009 - 00.00.0000, St. Raphael’s Beach Resort in Limassol, Cyprus


November 29 – December 1, 2009

St. Raphael’s Beach Resort in Limassol, Cyprus

The conference brings together people studying consciousness and people developing the tools that allow the correlates of consciousness to be measured. It is partly organized as a joint event by two COST Actions NeuroMath and Consciousness.

A satellite three-day course will follow after the conference dealing with the mathematical aspects of the EEG and MEG source localization, emphasizing the mathematical foundation on the first day, applications via hands on examples on the second (EEG) and third (MEG) day.

For more information please see attached .pdf file or visit our website http://www.humanbraindynamics.com/neuroconsci2009/

                                                                                                                                        Inquiries e-mail neuromath2009@humanbraindynamics.com or phone +357 22 460228


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