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Lecture of Prof. Dr. Subhamoy Battacharya

  • Contact informationGeorge Mylonakisemail:mylo AT upatras.gr

24.09.2009, Confernce room / Dept. of Civil Engineering

Lecture of Prof. Dr. Subhamoy Battacharya


Damage to piles is still observed in seismic areas following most major earthquakes despite the fact that design guidelines exists in codes of practice. As a result, the behaviour of piles under seismic conditions is an active area of research. This talk aims to summarise the research work on the failure mechanism of piles in liquefiable soils. This involves unifying the bending, buckling and dynamic modes of pile failure. This research is based on the collaborative work with University of Oxford and Swansea University. The results of the research will be compared with some codes of practice.

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