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Collaborative opportunities with WMG International Manufacturing Centre, The University of Warwick

  • Contact informationIoannis Haritantisemail:haritant AT physics.upatras.gr

22.09.2009 - 23.09.2009, Dep. of Physics (room F3)

David Mullins, WMG

An Introduction to WMG at the University of Warwick, UK

The mission of WMG is to improve competitiveness through the application of value adding innovation, new technologies and skills deployment.In its 25 year history WMG has grown from a small team of academics to an organisation with a £100M per annum programme, employing around 300 staff.  It recognises that to retain its place in an increasingly competitive international academic environment it must work even harder to address the needs of companies, and other organisations, in a flexible and creative manner, and retain its commitment to engineering and technology excellence and academic rigor. In research we undertake major programmes in four theme areas - Digital Technologies, Manufacturing Technologies, Materials and Sustainability and Operations and Business Management.  Programmes include the research council funded Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre (€10m), the regionally funded Premium Vehicle Centres of Excellence (€15m), and the national health service funded Institute of Digital Healthcare (€5m).  We are active in EU programmes including  Manufuture and I*PROMS.  The WMG training portfolio has now developed to serve 4,000 students worldwide, with operations including the Asia-Pacific Rim, India, China and Russia. The strength of the WMG industrial training portfolio is unrivalled in the UK.


Andy Koronios, University of South Australia IT research at the University of South Australia – An overview of activity & opportunities for collaborationThis presentation will present an overview of the Australian Higher Education System with an emphasis on the Australian research environment and present the research activities of the School of Computer & Information Science at the University of  South Australia. Research funding & research education mechanisms as well as current international collaborations of the School will be presented. Opportunities for research collaboration with the University of Patras will be explored.


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