The Department of Employment and Career seeks to provide high quality services to students, graduates and postgraduate students of the University of Patras.

In particular, the Department ensures that:

  • Providing information to students and graduates of the Foundation on the labor market, as well as employment opportunities and postgraduate and postgraduate / research / research opportunities in Greece and abroad, for scholarships, vocational training programs, educational seminars and conferences.
  • Counseling support for students and graduates, both in the job search process and in the application process for postgraduate studies (CV, recommendation letters, preparation for a selection interview, etc.).
  • Providing information to labor market stakeholders and employers, private and public employment opportunities.
  • Organizing information events, workshops, seminars and conferences to better inform students and graduates on issues related to employment and access to the world of work.
  • The development and editing of informative and consultative material in hard copy and electronic form, on the issues of its competence.
  • The constant updating of the Department's website with announcements of jobs, scholarships, postgraduate programs, seminars, counseling, etc. and informing the services concerned of the Foundation's actions, decisions and regulations on matters within its competence.
  • Preparation of material, preparation and publication of advisory and informative material on the services provided by the University of Patras, the subject area of the Departments and the graduates' professional prospects.
  • Supporting research on the career development of the University of Patras graduates, the employability of its graduates, and labor market trends.
  • Cooperation with the alumni department of the University of Patras.